Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Do you take credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards.

Do you require a deposit when we make a reservation?

Gay operates on the honor system, which has worked well. No deposit is required.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

No Problem.  We would ask that you give as much lead time as possible.

Do you recycle?

Yes.  But Gay does not ask that you separate the items.  Participation is voluntary.

We enjoy quality wines.  Is there a wine shop nearby?

Yes.  The supermarkets have a selection. Kamuela Liquor specializes in wines.

Can we ride horses at Mountain Meadow Ranch?

We're sorry, but our horses are used for competition and are not available for riding. They do enjoy the photo ops with guests and children. There are several stables that provide a variety of great trail riding.  Dahana Ranch is nearby and Kohala Naalapa Stables is on the Kohala Mountain road.  There are rides in Waipio Valley also.

Is there grocery and beverage shopping nearby?

Yes.  Malama Market is in Honokaa just a few minutes away.  Larger Foodland and KTA markets are in Waimea.

What kind of dining is in the area?

Honokaa, simple but good: Tex Drive In, Cafe El Mundo, Grandma;s Kitchen

Waimea, fine dining: Merriman's, Red Water Cafe.

Waimea, simple but good: Lilikoi Cafe, Pau Cafe, Hawaiian Style.

Parker Ranch Shopping Center: Food court, ethnic fare.

Waimea Shopping Center: Various ethnic, MacDonalds, Subway

Do I need warm clothes in the winter?

We do experience a bit of winter here with morning temperatures in the low 50s and a sweater or light jacket is recommend.  If you venture to the Mauna Kea summit you will need more substantial cold weather clothing.  Layering clothing may work for you.

Is there air conditioning?

Not required.  Our temperatures range from ten to fifteen degrees cooler than the costal areas.  There are a only few days a year when the temperature and humidity might require a fan.  Fans are available.

Is breakfast provided in the cottage?

A continental breakfast is provided only in the suite.  The cottage does have a full kitchen.

Are there restrictions on energy use?

We do not impose any restrictions, but we do hope our guests are conscious of energy use and the environment.  Big Island energy costs are the highest in the country. A portion of our power comes from geothermal, but most is generated by imported fossil fuels.

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